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ks and co▓mponents abroad.In January this year, Beiben for the first time exported directly knock▓down heavy trucks to Kenya, which were subsequently assembled at its local subsidiary in March.The Kenya subsidiary is Beiben's fifth overseas knockdown factory, following South Africa, Ethiopia, Myanmar and ▓Iran."Exporting directly enables us to communicate directly with the customers so as to off▓er quality products a

turer, based in the Inner Mongolia

nd services, and to play a synergistic role in research and development, production, marketing and after-sales servi▓ce in the global market," Jin

Autonomous Region, repo

said. "I▓t is also beneficial to enhance the co▓mpany's brand image and improve its p▓rofitability."But the current level of

rted orders for 466 ▓

direct ▓exports accounts for a small portion of the company's total overseas sales, Jin said, withou▓t disclosing de

heavy trucks worth 1

tails.Dario Gomez, associate▓ administrator at the Office of International Trade for the US Small Business Administ

58 million yuan ($24.77 mill

ion) ▓from overseas markets in th

ration, said direct exports ensure "long-term growth and success".Exporters have their say ove▓r the entire marketing mix including

e first qu▓arter of this year, up 8.4 p

payment terms, pr▓oduct modification, local support, distribution, and finance options, Gomez ▓was quoted as saying by the Western Union Busines▓s S

ercent year-on-year. The o

olutions Learning Center.To establi▓sh themselves as direct exporters, companies must determine which countries they want to ente

r, assess whether their products will sell in those new markets, and adapt their products and packaging to accommodate local c▓ustomers' needs, according to Gomez.Last year, China saw

d for about 8.5

percent of

ts, Beiben com

petes with

$ 12 /mo
  • major Chinese manufacturers▓ such as
  • China National Heavy Duty Truc▓k Gro
  • up Corp, also known as Sinotruk, a
  • nd FAW Jiefang Automotive Co, as wel
  • l as global truck brands includi▓ng G

Man Se and Cz

$ 16 /mo
  • ech manufacturer Tatra.Beiben is a s
  • ubsidiary of China North Industries
  • Group Corp, a State-owned enterp
  • rise that makes high-tech defense produc
  • ▓ts as well as civilian products. The

ht out Bei

$ 24 /mo
  • ben's previous owner Inner Mongo▓lia
  • First Machinery Group in 2013.Even as
  • far back as in 1988, Beiben's prev
  • ious owner had introduced advanced man
  • ufacturing technolog

ent from the German company Daimler-Benz."Be

gineering companies, according to the report.Lured by the vast potential, major comm▓ercial vehicle manufacturers are racing to grab market share.Sinotruk has been the largest Chinese exporter in the industry over the past decade. Between January and Nove

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golia. "We ▓will tr y to rack up sales o f 3,000 trucks," Jin ▓ said.In 2017, Bei ben sold around 2,0 00 trucks (up 3 0 percent) worth 5 61 million yu an to custo mers in th ose markets, Wang Baoying, its gen▓eral m anager, said.To build client l oyalty in fo reign markets amid intense c ompetition, Beiben is provid ing customers with better after-sa les service and?/a> 方山县wap 灵川县5G 南丹县5G 揭阳市5G 魏县5G 湖南wap 七台河市5G 天等县wap 建瓯市wap 曲阳县5G 沁水县5G 迁西县5G 四会市wap 饶平县wap 奉节县5G 井冈山市5G 承德县5G 浦江县wap 索县wap 云梦县5G 热血传奇私服1.76客户端 传奇私服版本下载库 传奇私服新开发布基地 传奇私服离线泡点 传奇私服发布网单职业网址 传奇私服外挂辅助免费版 迷失传奇私服 9005sf 新开传奇私服1.85玉兔 最新开的传奇私服沉默版本 传奇私服刚刚开新服